Bottle Life

Bottle Life was founded with a goal to export the highest quality Hungarian wines to fine-dining restaurants, hotels and wine bars all over the world.

BLI is working with the most recognized domestic sommeliers to find the best bottles year by year, vineyard to vineyard.

Bottle Life

01. The Challenge

When Bottle Life came to us to help develop their brand from scratch, we knew that the job requires a lot of attention and engagement.

We had to offer our approach on strategy, helping them define the smallest details of who they are and what are they offering to their clients, so that later we can translate it in brand definition and start designing.

Bottle Life as brand wanted to offer stories and feelings, next to their products.

02. Services Provided

  • Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

"Branding is not a logo or a typeface. Branding is a promise!"


Primary - Accent Colors

Secondary - Typography


Bottle Life Inspiration
Moodboard and ideas concepts in Illustrator

03. Our Approach

Every member of our team lent their magic for this project.

Working closely with our clients, the business's founders gave us direct insight on brand’s values and aspirations. We engaged in research, consultations and different design approaches, so we can find the right direction for their brand.

Bottle Life Inspiration

04. The Outcome

During the design phase, we’ve provided many different paths that the brand can take, starting from their logo.

After few feedback interactions, a lot of thinking and discussing, the clients chose the direction they wanted us to move. We've created a final logo with their full name and a symbol representing their type of business.

We've also created their business cards and marketing materials while working on their brand development.

After the brand was defined, we’ve started working on the most important part of the job we were hired to do, designing and developing their fully functional, online webshop.

Bottle Life Logo Mockup
Bottle Life Business Card Mockup
Final result of the Logo design process

Brand Development

Bottle Life Business Card Mockup
Final result of the Business Cards design
Bottle Life Business Card Mockup

Web shop

Bottle Life Webshop Bottle Life Webshop

Our diversity and perspectives help us thrive

Our diversity and perspectives help us thrive