APOD is a consulting firm focused on PEOPLE and ORGANIZATION.

They add value by partnering with organizations so that they do what they do better, faster, more efficient and support growth mindset thinking of the business as a ‘marathon’.


01. The Challenge

We were hired to help APOD with visual brand definition and web presence.

After hours spent in workshops with our client, we got the idea behind the firm and their core values, which were focused on people first, no ego trips, empathy, innovation and personal growth.

With great excitement, we jumped into designing the brand image with the vibes we got from the client brief.

02. Services Provided

  • Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

“Working with Hyper Arrow was more than just ‘on transactional base’ collaboration. They consider their clients as partners.

Open to understand customer needs, to share their knowledge, experience and ideas in order to get the best results and meet customer expectations.

Definitely our cooperation will continue in future.”

- Polikarp Arsenovski - Founder


Primary - Accent Colors

Secondary - Typography


03. Our Approach

We love working closely with our clients, and our discovery process is a key component to finding a good direction and creating the right identity for the brand.

After exploring and presenting many different ideas and design approaches to the client, we’ve locked on to the best ones and continue developing the identity and the brand voice from there.

Logo Design

APOD Logo Design
Exploration of different ideas during our logo design process

Brand Development

APOD Cards
Creating different brand assets, both for print and digital use
is an essential part of any good developed brand identity

04. The Outcome

The final result makes all the long hours and days spend on deep research during the brand strategy phase worthwhile. We needed to make sure that every piece of the identity is clear and compelling to all shareholders and to all their existing and potential future customers.

We brought a fresh new perspective to the brand which gave the company the right representation and presence that it deserved , while giving just the right edge to stand out with their personality.


Website Design and Development

APOD Website - Mobile
Final result of the website, made responsive to all screen sizes
APOD Website - Desktop

Our diversity and perspectives help us thrive

Our diversity and perspectives help us thrive