What does a branding process look like

What does a branding process look like

Branding is one of the things that have a great impact on a company’s image and success. It helps on how the company’s vision and set of values are represented to the world and perceived by the people. With that in mind, you should understand that branding is not a process you want it rushed. Finding the right way to represent accurately the company values, what it stands for and provoking the right emotions on the customers takes time.

As any other design related process, branding is done differently by many different designers or design teams. We are going to show you our workflow for branding projects and what does our process consists of.

We usually have 5 different phases for a branding project.

  • Discovery
  • Concepting
  • Design
  • Finishing touches or “details”
  • Delivery


In the discovery phase, our main goal is to learn as much as we can about our client. That’s done in different ways. First, we give the client a set of questions that we need to get an answer for. That way we can understand more about the business of our client, the way they make money, the industry they are in, their core values and mission. We try to get as many details as possible so the end result will be a branding that will reflect all that.

Concepts and design iterations for one of our branding projects

Concepts and design iterations for one of our branding projects.

One of the questions we ask our client is where can we search for more info to learn even more about the company and their business. Then follows the research. Research is part of the discovery process. It is done internally by our team members and the main purpose of it is to find out and learn more about the business model of the client and the industry they are in. Who is the competition, how do they approach their branding and what is the unique perspective and competitive advantage our client has over them that we can emphasize in our work.

Shape exploration

Shape exploration.


Concepting is the next phase after discovery. Depending on the project, sometimes the concepting is done during the discovery phase to jumpstart the creation and get our creative juices flowing early on.

Concepting is where we brainstorm different ideas, sketch on paper and sometimes even start to push pixels directly in Illustrator to find out the direction we want to explore. This helps us narrowing down the possible angles and perspectives we can choose to take for that client and helps later on with the design decisions. All the concepts here reflects what we have previously found in the discovery phase.

Typography design for a logo

Typography design for a logo.


Design is the longest phase of a branding project. It is an iterative process where we create and present visual work for the client several times over the course of a week or two. The first presentation is done after we have several strong concepts, each of them different but representing the same core values of our client.

Logo design variations

Logo design variations.

Then we get feedback for our work, first internally from other team members, then from the client. Quality feedback is the key here. It is our responsibility to teach the client what counts as quality feedback, because it is the only way to come up with a solution that will make everyone happy and serve its purpose.

Following that we iterate several times narrowing down the solutions that work and build the branding system around them.

Logo design – from sketch to polished look

Logo design – from sketch to polished look.


After we have a final solution we then proceed to add the “finishing touches” or all the details needed to make the solution even better. Remember, always underpromise and overdeliver! It’s the small details what stands out and makes your clients go “wow”.

Final result of a logo design

Final result of a logo design.


After everything is done and approved, we pack all needed assets and hand them over to the client with a simple brand guide on how to use them appropriately.

Brand implementation on business cards

Brand implementation on business cards.

The length of a branding project depends on the client and the amount of work needed to be delivered. It can take anything from 2 weeks and up to 5 for bigger branding projects. Branding is one of the most important things for a company, and it is a process you can’t afford to be done wrong.