Thank you 2016

Thank you 2016

2016! In many ways so special, but the most important it’s that 2016 was the year when Hyper Arrow was born!

Just after the start of this 2016, while working in our office at HASELT, we’ve got a request for a creative work we haven’t done before. We’ve done a lot of challenging and creative works, but this required a different type of skills and expertise. While thinking how we are going to handle it, because we wanted to help our client and saying NO is not helpful at all, we’ve decided to propose a collaboration to a talented professional who was not (yet) part of our team. After the result (amazing by the way, you can have a look), we’ve gathered together with the team and after a long discussion where many ideas came up, we’ve decided to engage in a close team which is going to be focused on the creative services at HASELT.

That’s how Hyper Arrow was born. Five people, each one with a different profile, talent and skills. Code poet, animation wizard, marketing expert, team captain and HAJAN (no description needed here, if you wonder why click here), gathered together to bring ideas to life!

After 10 months working together, I can proudly say that we’ve successfully completed more than 20 different projects for clients coming from different countries, speaking different languages. The work was sometimes more than challenging, but we’ve learned many lessons and had loads of fun! It was extraordinary experience and we are really looking forward in having more of it in the following years!

I would like to thank everyone who participated in our Hyper story and made it unique. We enjoyed it every moment of it! I would like to say special THANKS to each member in our team, guys without you we couldn’t have done it! Cheers to each one of you! 🙂


Wishing you infinite success and million reasons to smile! Happy Holidays!