Save These Dates!

Save These Dates!

Did we tell you that in a few days we will attend one of the most important web conferences in the world? That’s right, IN THE WORLD 🙂 You may want to put “ON” the notifications on our social media accounts because we are going LIVE from the Awwwards Conference in Berlin!!!

As they announced, all the designers, web developers and digital dreamers will gather together from 7th – 9th February, to celebrate the success of the best and to motivate the others.


This conference is very important for us because it will bring together the best of the themes we are most passionate about, design, development and digital trends. Most of the speakers come from very famous companies such as Google, Microsoft, Airbnb, Adobe, Spotify, Minecraft etc. We believe that their experience and inspiration will spice up our creativity and motivation to move towards new goals and to become better as a team.

Langenbeck Hall

We are excited to meet everyone, but a few of them have a background that we especially admire. I asked our designer Jane to tell me more about his favorite speakers (since he’s the one who loves doing researches) and these were his thoughts:

  • Tobias Ahlin – Minecraft (Experience Design Director) – Tobias is a Swedish designer currently occupying the position Experience Design Director at Minecraft. He has a lot of experience in building products and design teams from scratch. As one of the first designers at Spotify and Medium, Tobias was responsible for the interface design of both these wonderful products. And now, working with the team at Mojang, the company behind Minecraft – the best selling PC game of all time, I think we have a lot to hear and learn from him. Twitter, Dribbble, Website.
  • Erich Nagler – Google (Art Director) – Erich Nagler is an art director and designer based in San Francisco. As an art director at Google, he’s working with the Doodles team, and let’s be honest, we all love Doodles from Google. Erich is going to talk about his previous experiences as an art director in Medium, Matter, The New York Times and Newsweek. His talk is named “Editorial Design – From Publishers to Platforms”. Looking forward to see his point of view on this. Twitter, Website.
  • Jeany Ngo – Airbnb (Experience Designer) – Jeany’s work focuses around creating and improving user experience from everyday products to explorations of futuristic UI. She still haven’t published what she’ll be talking about, but I hope it would be something around getting over the imposter syndrome. She’s done several talks on this topic before, and she’s a strong advocate on the importance of mental health among creative professionals. It would be great to hear her thoughts. Twitter, Dribbble, Website.
  • Harry Roberts – (CSS Wizardry) – Consultant Front-end Architect at CSS Wizardry Ltd. also of Google, UN, Etsy, Kickstarter, BBC, Unilever, Deloitte and more…Speaker and Author of cssguidelines. We love code at our team and his lesson “Vim for Front-end Developers” sounds like something we wouldn’t like to miss. There are so many great reviews of Harry’s talks and workshops, so our calendars are marked for his presentation. Twitter, Dribbble, Website.
  • Michael Flarup – Designer, entrepreneur and keynote speaker – Michael Flarup is probably my favorite speaker on this conference. Michael is a Danish designer & entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He considers himself a maker of things. And that’s what his talk is all about – “How I Became A Maker (and learned the secrets of the universe)”. He’s a designer with a very unique style, has worked and collaborated on creating many different products and games over the years. Twitter, Dribbble, Website.
  • Mathias Høst & Sebastian Gram – Design Director duo (Norgram) – For most of the professionals in the creative industries this two needs no introduction. Norgram is the Design Director duo of internationally recognized and awarded designers Sebastian Gram & Mathias Høst Normark. Norgram is based in Denmark with focus on creating the next generation of digital brands, experiences and products. They work for an amazing clients like IKEA, SPACE10, Setio® and many others. It would be great to hear what these two creative minds have to tell about the new technology trends. Their talk is named “Designing for AR” and we’re excited to hear it. Twitter, Website.

Stay tuned these days and experience the event through our eyes, we will bring you the best of them, exclusively on our social media accounts! 😉