Logo – The Inevitable Part Of Brand Development

Logo – The Inevitable Part Of Brand Development

Branding is vital for any company, especially with the amount of competition most businesses have. Whether you are a startup, corporation or small individual business, you want your brand to stand out from the crowd, right? A catchy, creative logo for your company can bring attention and be memorized over competitors, so giving importance and investing is well worth it! A high-quality logo that will identify your business in its simplest form, accompanied by well-defined company vision, mission, brand guidelines and consistent brand messages are the first steps towards brand development and positioning your brand on the market.

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Your logo is not your brand.”. Тhere are people discussing that a logo is trivial for branding. Others think a brand is your logo along with all the other visual elements, business cards, brochures, company stationery, presentations and much more. These elements form the brand identity and they are designed to communicate the company’s mission, vision, and values, and to target the desired audience. While the logo itself does not make a brand, it is still a crucial part of your brand’s identity and an inevitable part of brand development.

Designing a good logo is like taking a great photo. On the outside, it looks simple and something like anyone could do. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover many details that an untrained eye can neglect. We at Hyper Arrow pay attention to details and care our clients get the best design that will satisfy their business needs. From defining a Business Purpose to the Final Delivery, we are following few steps when creating a logo design. Our brand development process starts from the inside out. We help clients understand and document who they are (and who they aren’t) before starting any creative work, including the logo. The next two steps are crucial for us on the way to creating the perfect logo for our clients.

Collecting Client’s Insights

Design itself is a way to communicate, we should ask the right questions, to get the right answers. From designer’s perspective, this step is very important, from the initial meeting to conceive the logo that client wants. Moreover, if you are client, you should provide clear guidance to assure that the designer is on the right course. Here it is important to answer “What is the primary message you want to communicate to your customers?” or “Is there a unique story behind your business?”. Discussions what color or typography to use come later. The success of the final solution depends on this initial step and sharing specific insights will help us with the next stage:

Defining Business Purpose

At this point, we haven’t started with creating the aesthetics of logo designing, corporate logos a strategic business tool, not just a form of art. They are intended to be the face of your company, supporting your business purpose and reaching your goals. Researching and collecting details about business values, brand message, customers profile and market competition will give us a clear understanding about the purpose of the brand. Not only for your customers, the business purpose is important for your employees as well, if they identify with it, they will live and share your brand story.


Once a brand identity is established and the business purpose known, the logo or visual identity can be developed. Every designer has their own creative process and that is where it comes to the fore the brilliance and talent how to express all the business aspects visually. These phases we usually have when designing a branding project:

  • Discovery (Logo Design Brief and Research Phase)
  • Concepting (Idea Generation and Sketching)
  • Design (Iterative process of Designing, Presentation of the Designs and Feedback)
  • Details (Finishing touches, Modifications and Refinements)
  • Delivery (Delivery of Logo Files)

The phases in details are described in this blog post.

Final words

A logo is an important part of any business. Its primary role is to identify a company in the market. The logo is the single most essential brand element present throughout all of your marketing and stationery materials, both online and offline that will express your story without telling a word. Apart from creating an identity for the company, it will represent who you are, your tone of voice, company’s values and mission, the unique style and the products or services you’re providing, ideals and culture, even emotions.

Therefore, as a company, our aim is to create one that is unique and memorable for your brand. That’s why by truly understanding the role of a logo design and the needs of our clients, we can create stronger brand identities that will perform for their business, not just create a pretty picture.