Creating websites with Hyper Arrow – PART 3

Creating websites with Hyper Arrow – PART 3

Now that you have got a chance to know our process of initializing the project and designing the website, the last phase is the actual development of the website.

Once the designs with all the assets are handed to me, I start to plan the development process. It usually starts with going through all the designs and making a list of the elements that need to be developed. It’s helping me to easily organize the files, assets and separate the functionalities.

Website Planning

The planning part is crucial for the success of every project. Beside the project structure organization, I choose what technologies and plugins will be used. All our websites are developed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery for presenting the visual and interactive part of the website, and PHP for the back-end functionalities.

Depending on the needs of the client, whether he/she wants to regularly update the content, we may go with using WordPress which can help us to make every part of the page easily manageable. Also, some plugins may be installed here to help us achieve some of the requested functionalities, but I tend to keep the number of plugins to bare minimum, so usually, there is only Contact Form 7 and Yoast SEO installed. For more specific and custom functionalities, we are developing our own plugins.


Depending of the scope of the work, I usually upload a version of the website (on our test server) on weekly or bi-weekly period, so that the team and the client can see how the development is going and suggest any additional changes or corrections on the things that have been done.

After I’m done with implementing the design with all of its functionalities, we begin with the test phase. The test phase consists of checking the functionalities, testing the website for compatibility issues and ensuring that it’s properly displayed on the most recent versions of the web browsers and different sizes of displays.


Once we ensure that everything is working properly, it’s time to upload the website on the client’s server. But our job is not over here. Clients are going to need to work with the website we build them, so everything from changing a simple text to creating new pages needs to be written in the documentation and presented during the training session.

Also, websites are changing over time and they need maintenance. Adding new features or removing unused ones, content updates and bug fixing, it’s all part of the support and maintenance we’re offering.

I hope you have a clearer picture of how we create websites here at Hyper Arrow. If you’re interested in any of the services we offer, feel free to contact us.