Creating websites with Hyper Arrow – PART 1

Creating websites with Hyper Arrow – PART 1

A website in today’s world is a must. It’s the starting point of your digital existence. It’s a place where your current or potential clients can find you, learn about your business, services, products, learn about you.

As a digital creative agency, web design and development is one of the most popular services that we’re offering to our clients. Because of that, every day we get to conceptualize, design, develop, review, test or update a website. We love our job and we are happy that we have the chance to participate in such an important part of client’s business.

From client to client, the process of creating the solution varies, but there’re three core phases in realization of every project. Forming a scope of work, design and development phases.

The process here at Hyper Arrow starts with the initial idea to collaborate with a client who has the need of an online presence. As a person in-charge for managing the projects, I’m the one who’s handling the relations with our clients, so I’m the one who will share the beginning of the story behind building one solution.

When a new opportunity is presented with a new or an existing client, we always start with an initial meeting, on which we discuss the main idea of the solution our client needs and we are asked to develop. They share their requests and details about their business and I ask as many questions as possible, so we can get a better picture before starting the project. The questions that matter to us regarding the project are focused on the business of the client, who they’re, what’re they standing for and what’s the goal that needs to be achieved with this project.


After the initial meeting, I’m back to my desk to prepare a scope of work. That’s the document on which stands the project collaboration with the client. It’s a kind of an offer that consist all the project details. It starts with an introduction on who we’re and what we do, and continues with project description, functionalities list, project timeline, duration, pricing and warranty.

The introduction part of the document is devoted to our agency. Before presenting what we can do for you, we want to introduce ourselves. Who we are, what we do and how we do it. We want you to get a clear picture of us and our work. We believe that every great collaboration starts with trust and the key element for trust is getting to know each other better.

Once we’re done with the introduction, we proceed with details about your project.

Project description is a general description on your project. Information of the purpose of the solution, its goals, etc. Followed by a functionalities list which it gives even clearer picture what needs to be done, what exactly we’ll be working on, along with a project timeline, duration, team and pricing. The document ends with a warranty for our services and hosting details. Since we’re also hosting provider, we can offer additional service after the end of the project development.

After the document is finalized, it’s sent to the client for review. With client’s approval, we prepare internally for project kick-off. We set up a kick-off meeting in-house with the guys in-charge for design and development, where they get introduced with the project and the client’s requests. Sometimes the client can be also present on the kick-off meeting. Together with the team we pass through all the details and discuss what’s the best way to build the solution requested and help our client.

The kick-off meeting is also a brainstorming session, on which ideas are shared and suggestions are presented. When we all agree on which path we gonna take with the project, we proceed with the next phase in which Jane – our lead designer will lead you through the design process.

Stay tuned.