Create an animated GIF using Photoshop

Create an animated GIF using Photoshop

Ever wondered how you can create those animated GIFs that you see all over the Internet? Here’s an easy way to do that by using Photoshop to export an animated GIF from your videos.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we are going to use an animation video that we have created in Adobe After Effects a while ago. You can use any video that you like to make a GIF out off.

Import video in Photoshop

First, we need to import the video into Photoshop. Go to File > Import > Video Frames to Layers and select the range of frames you want to import (in our case we are going to select the option From Beginning To End) and click OK.

Import video

Import video.

Turn on Timeline window

To see your Timeline window in photoshop go to Window > Timeline

Toggle timeline

Toggle timeline.

Convert to Video Timeline

This way you see every frame of your video laid out as a different layer. You need to convert the timeline to video timeline by clicking the Convert to Video Timeline button in the bottom left corner.

Convert to video

Convert to video.

This way you get the frame rate (frames per second – fps) you have set in your video (in our example 30.00 fps).

Export your GIF

To finally export your video into GIF simply go to File > Export > Save For Web (Legacy) and choose the GIF format from the list.

Choose the right format

Choose the right format.

In the same window you have the option to preview your video and choose your looping option:

  • Once – if you want your GIF to play out once and then stop
  • Forever – if you want your GIF to loop forever
  • Other – you can set up how many times you want your GIF to loop before it stops

Looping options

Looping options.

After you’re done tweaking the settings in this window just click Save and choose the destination you want for your GIF, give it a name and you are done.

Final result:

Animated GIF of a shape exploration experiment

Animated GIF of a shape exploration experiment.

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